Adventures in Home Schooling

I claim, with great fervor, that Wife is a successful home schooling mother. After all, the two virtues that most help in her occupation are consistency and fortitude; of which she holds both in abundance. For children are naturally inclined to learn. Give them a bit of information and they soak it up like a sponge. The difficulty comes with getting them to retain what they were just taught. While the children love to learn, they hate to work at it. That is where Wife’s consistency and fortitude come into play.

Homeschooling all together.

Home schooling all together.

Workbooks are the special demons created specifically to torment our children. Those little books of words and figures designed to tattoo little brains with its knowledge have the uncanny ability of sending our children into certain boredom. Thus, Wife continually has to refocus the children back onto their own workbooks, and off of whatever the sibling next to them was doing.Homestudy

It is not uncommon for Wife to return from instructing #2 only to find #1’s school abandoned. And where was #1? She had moved over to help #3 with her math, an easier task than her own. When #1 was summoned back to her own math, it was with many sighs and drooping shoulders.

Wife has often found when she was teaching science to a child, they all slowly crowd in. When she was teaching #4 her kindergarten world science, she would ask the child a line of questions like, “What is round?”

To which #4 tentatively responded, “A ball?”

“Yes,” Wife reassured. “Now, what’s hard?”

“Ah… a rock,” said #4 with more confidence.

“Good, and what’s soft?”

#4 nearly shouted, “My stuffed-animals!”

“Very good. Now what’s furry?”

And out of nowhere, #2 announced her presence by interjecting, “Daddy!”

Suddenly the inmates were running the madhouse, as all the girls began a chorus of giggles and laughter that Wife was unable to resist.

Furry Daddy

Furry Daddy