Top Three

Here are the top three reasons why I want a large family.

#3: My retirement strategy. I have not yet written a bestseller. Nor have I won the Lottery (Note to self, try to buy a ticket next time.) And let’s face it, by the time I get to retirement age, Social Security will be bankrupt.  But with a large number of children, my future is set. I have eight chances to have one child strike it rich and set us up in our old age. If that plan does not pull through, I am sure to have at least one out of the eight children like us enough to take us in if need be. And even in the case where they can’t stand me for long, I can move from child to child without fear of being turned out, after all I’m only there for a short visit.

#2: The children learn good social skills. With all these little ones, it is impossible to give them everything they want, and inevitably what they want a sibling has. Very quickly they learn to share, if only to keep the peace. They also understand the division of labor. Because the older ones can do more, they are expected to do more; while the littlest are expected not to make a mess. They also learn charity the same way. The older ones look after the babies, and they all take care of each other. Sometimes I have seen the same comfort come out of a hug given by one of the littler ones to an older as when an older gave up her cookie to a younger.

#1: I am greedy. I understand that “greed” does not usually belong in a line such as “eight children,” but I know from experience that children are the greatest gift God ever gave Wife and I. I’m like a child standing before a Santa Clause who just kept giving me gifts; I would have no intension of turning any of them down. In the same way, God has smiled upon me and sent enough blessings that I look to be drowning in them. Yet, what good thing on this green Earth is not worth struggling for? I also have the mind that does not wonder what I am missing out on if we have another child; rather, I wonder who am I missing out on if we don’t.

And so you find me happily content in my worldly poverty, and rolling in riches from the blessing of my family.Seven in a Row