Post From Wife: Journey

Sadness seems to be encompassing me of late. In part it has to do with the fact that we have difficulties we are struggling with, as do all families. In part it has to do with the atmosphere of the political world. Lawmakers seem to be more and more intent on controlling our lives rather than protecting our freedoms. It makes me wonder what kind of world I will leave my children in, which makes me sorrowful. So I ask you… What do you do to get over this feeling and continue on with your responsibilities?

Difficult Journey

Difficult Journey

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Post from Wife: Happy Father’s Day!

Our Father in Heaven, I thank you for my Daddy. He was there to  raise me, protect me, and guide me all through my childhood and even into motherhood. He played a major role in guiding me to the father of my children. His example of sacrifice and faithfulness caused me to search for a man with the same virtues. I am also thankful for the father who raised my husband, and helped to mold him into the man he is today. Thank you Father of all Creation, for placing me where I am with these generous men who strive to provide for their families in all aspects of life.

In honor of this Father’s Day, I wish to share with you all, the joyous moments of each of our children’s births, making my husband a father each time.

Daddy with #1

Birth of #1 and my husband as a father.

Daddy with #2 (and #1)

Father of 2.

Daddy with #3

Naps with #3

Daddy with #4

Proud Daddy with #4.

Daddy with #5 (and 1st son!)

Finally a SON! #5

Daddy with #6

#6 rocking with his Daddy.

Daddy with #7

A very tired pair… Napping with #7.