Learning Curves

When raising children I find that there is a learning curve. With the first two children, we were very similar to most new parents, scared to death that anything and everything would harm, maim, kill, step on, dismember or otherwise be no good for our children. It was not until the fourth or fifth child when we finally realized the near indestructible nature that God built into our children. They believe that they can do anything, which in turn allows them to accomplish most of their bucket-list before their fourth year, provided they are not stopped first. We’ve always had to be on the lookout to stop.

At this very moment, #6 is attempting to move stealthily to dark side of the table. He intends to climb said table… again. The goal of this rather risky maneuver is two-fold: the primary objective is to dump out whatever might be sitting harmlessly and helplessly on the table; the secondary objective is to see how long he can do that until Wife catches on.

This is the level of ingenuity that we are up against. How can anyone wonder that we have to change our strategies from time to time? When #6 did make it onto the table, he was seen quite quickly, not only did he get in trouble, but also the three children who were watching him. In certain cases it’s true, “you are your brother’s keeper.”

And that brings up another point; with this many children, they have learned to use look-outs!

On multiple occasions I have walked into the house only to see a terrified little face swing around to me before darting into whichever room the mischief was taking place in. The child was usually caught off guard because they were busy watching the room that Wife was in. The one fact about look-outs that plays to our favor is that no one wants to be said look-out. It is the argument over who will be the look-out that normally gives the whole scheme away. It is a good thing that our children don’t realize just how loud they are shouting.