The little blonde head of #3 bounced up and down with the chestnut of her sister, #4. Their combined flighty hair gave the impression of a miniature sandstorm. Squealing with the glee known only to the very young, they flopped onto the couch and slid onto the carpet. Suddenly, #3 jumps to her feet with an idea. “Let’s pway a game,” she declared.bouncing around

#4 jumped up with her sister and agreed, “Yes, let’s play a game. But what game?”

#3 scrunched up her face with thought. With hands on her hips, her mind visibly worked behind her eyes which gave the illusion of stuck gears. Without warning the gears broke free and spun rapidly. “Hide N Seek!” she announced.

“Yeah!” squealed #4.

“OK, now see who’s it. Weady? One… two… phree…” then she screamed as loud as she could, “NOT IT!”

A split second behind her sister #4 shouted, “NOT IT!”

#3 pointed at her sister. “AHHH! You said it last. You it.”

#4 protested that it was not fair. So the “One… two… phree… NOT IT!” followed by “NOT IT!” was again played out with the same results.

The next time #4 counted off. “One… two… tree…” and she then shouted, “NOT IT!” and #3 followed that time, “NOT IT!”

#3 looked questioningly at #4. The process was again repeated… again with the same results. The two stared at one another both sure that the other was cheating.

At that point their older sister walked by. #1 wanted to join the game too. This time she would count off. “One… two… three” and oddly she was the first to shout out, “NOT IT!” Maybe the countdown was rigged.

#2 popped her head in and wanted to play with them as well. So she counted down, with the same result that she was the first to declare ‘not it’ and therefore could not be it. Again, they would do it again. Now, #5 and #6 were shouting “Not It!” just because everyone else was.

At last, in the midst of children screaming at the top of their lungs “NOT IT!”, #1 shouted above the din, “OK! OK! I’ll be it.” They all quieted down. “What am I it for?”

The girls looked from one to another with blank expressions and shrugged their shoulders.