Post from Wife: Happy Father’s Day!

Our Father in Heaven, I thank you for my Daddy. He was there to  raise me, protect me, and guide me all through my childhood and even into motherhood. He played a major role in guiding me to the father of my children. His example of sacrifice and faithfulness caused me to search for a man with the same virtues. I am also thankful for the father who raised my husband, and helped to mold him into the man he is today. Thank you Father of all Creation, for placing me where I am with these generous men who strive to provide for their families in all aspects of life.

In honor of this Father’s Day, I wish to share with you all, the joyous moments of each of our children’s births, making my husband a father each time.

Daddy with #1

Birth of #1 and my husband as a father.

Daddy with #2 (and #1)

Father of 2.

Daddy with #3

Naps with #3

Daddy with #4

Proud Daddy with #4.

Daddy with #5 (and 1st son!)

Finally a SON! #5

Daddy with #6

#6 rocking with his Daddy.

Daddy with #7

A very tired pair… Napping with #7.

Father’s Day Interruptus

On this Father’s Day of 2012 I find if fitting to give a salute to the father who taught me so much and gave me the tools to grow into the father and husband that I am today.

He would say… (Excuse me, but #6 is thrashing around and requires attention from dad. Maybe next time he will behave in the tub.)

Any way, back to my father… (Now #6 has to be laid in bed. Of course that means a bottle and a pillow. Oh come on! He doesn’t need a blanket, it’s hot out! He’ll dry!)

Well, many of the lessons I learned… (Leave your sister alone! Just don’t touch her, don’t touch her! Now go to bed, go to bed! Are you listening to me, are you… next time listen!)

Some times he would… (Do you want your bottle or not? Let’s go back to your room with #6 and lay down. No! You get the bottle once you’re under the covers. Good night son.)

As I was about to say before #5 interrupted me… (Boys! I swear, if they do not settle down, drink their bottles, and go to sleep, I will solve their inconvenience on this world permanently. Did you two hear me?!)

You see, my father… (Girls! Just sleep on top of your blankets! You do not need to kick all of them off the bed. Pick them back up and sleep on top of the covers.)

And… (Well go find the bottle! I just gave it to him. It’s in there somewhere, keep looking.)

Once, while I was working with my father on a construction job, he… (Ok Wife, let me see. Yah, #1 has a sliver. I have a pair of tweezers, here you go. Let me know if you need help.)

I am afraid I had to take a break. As I am sure the reader has seen bed-time has been a little hectic tonight. However, I am back to the desk and all the children are in their beds. I will be able to focus.

My father was very good at… (No! No! No! I am unable to help you with anything! I am writing. I need to get this done. I need to… oh forget it.)

Happy Father’s Day to all and to all a good night!!!!!