Easter Eggs Out of Reach

Year after year, as long as I can remember, my large extended family has had an Easter Egg Hunt for all the children. Each household brings some colored eggs, the adults and older kids “help the Easter Bunny” hide all of them before the mothers and younger children come down. It is usually innocent enough, but there always seems to be someone who climbs a tree just to put a brightly painted egg in plain sight, completely out of reach. Continue reading

Happy Easter, 2015

Today, on Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Because of Jesus, we are reminded of new life. While we are surrounded by butterflies, saplings, and eggs, I think a baby captures the image of new life better. Well, #9 is alive… and still really new.        The other day Wife commented on how big he had grown. Our three month-old had outgrown the three-month-old clothes, and has to wear six-month-old clothes. He is growing faster than ivy up a brick wall. Soon he will start wrestling with his brothers, much to his mother’s annoyance. Continue reading

Easter Fun?

Church was followed by donuts, candy, and boiled eggs. Easter had finally arrived. After forty days of sacrifice and fasting, baskets of sweets were a welcome sight. Of course the children had to find them first.

This year the Easter Bunny threw a curve by hiding the Easter Baskets at my parents’ house.  But he was so unkind as to not tell any of us before hand. So the children rushed into our home to change out of their church clothes, all the while keeping a sharp eye out for the hidden baskets. At last I made the announcement that I had received word that the Easter Baskets were at their Grandparents’ house. So we tramped over and they commenced the search.

All eight of my siblings cheered on my children as they scrambled over and around the furniture in the large room. To my left side was one of my brothers hoisting up #4 to get her Easter Basket off a hook on the wall, to my right a sister was attempting to lift up #6 for his basket on a similar hook, while #5 yanked on my pant leg and pointed up at the basket on the ceiling fan. The rest of the Easter Baskets were in more down-to-earth locations, not nearly as memorable.

Last to find her basket was #1. She meandered around, holding #7 by the hand as well as his basket of candy. She was hoping to avoid notice and locate her basket surreptitiously. Unfortunately for her, once it was realized that she was the only one to be basketless, all attention was turned her way, and she was forcibly cheered into finding hers.

What followed was an Easter Egg Hunt in my mother’s garden. My children were again cheered on with woops and shouts and good natured pointing out the eggs that were hard to find. Again #1 wanted to linger in the back hoping to gain the mystical power of invisibility. And again she found herself forcibly cheered into the hunt like a fox chased by barking hounds. Whether she wanted to or not, my siblings were determined to make her have fun.

And #1 was nowhere to be seen.

And #1 was nowhere to be seen.

After all the eggs were found and we retired to the house, the candy feast began. As I sipped my coffee in the midst of chocolate-eggs and jelly-beans, I noticed #1 wanting to mope. I called her over and inquired what the matter was.

#1 closely examined her toes as she answered, “Everyone was yelling at me.”

“Oh, they were just having fun, and trying to get you to have fun.”

She looked up at me and said sharply, “It wasn’t fun!”

Poor little girl. I gave her a hug and offered the reassurance she needed to know that her uncles and aunts loved her. A little attention from Dad and she was no longer overwhelmed. And so, for one child, Easter was saved.

Easter Injuries

I am sure you can deduce that our Easter Sunday was a complete success by the untimely arrival of this post. Considering we are now midway through the week, that can be taken as an indication of just how worn out I was.empty egg

We started with the 7:30am Easter Mass. To answer your unasked question, yes we did have to wake-up all the children. They were more agreeable as they were continually distracted by the Easter-Baskets that were uncovered by accident. They were not supposed to find their candy until we got back from the church. So getting the children up was not a problem, but getting them out the door was like stuffing too many packing-peanuts into an already full box.

Easter EggsA little before midday the festivities at the family park started. All of our extended family gathered for the Easter egg hunt. I think we all over ate. Games were played (in which my mortality was made abundantly clearer). We finished off what was left of lunch for dinner. And we put the sun to bed.

At home I limped just a little from a Easter egg huntspill I took during tag. But soon learned that I was not the only injured party. #1 suffered a sunburn and a sore finger. #2 had a stomped foot. #7 also had a sunburn. And everyone else was suffering from “stummy aches.” It seemed that this Easter was not as injury free as I first thought.

Easter egg in tire swingOn any other night we would have sent all the children straight to bed, however it was Easter and my cousin was visiting from out of town. Those two elements let the children stay up late with her watching cartoons. That meant I went out into the night with a sharp knife looking for our aloe vera cactus in order to sooth the sunburns the children obtained. Rest assured, I found the aloe vera, cut off a leaf, and returned without incident (however I believe my daughter would have preferred a mishap).

#1 really despises the cool slime of aloe vera. She squirmed, writhed, and wriggled; all the while making sure not to move whichever shoulder that was being medicated. As I slathered her cheeks she stated she would rather deal with the sunburn.

As that may be true, I would rather deal with her crying about aloe vera for one night, instead of a sunburn for seven.

In closing I wish all a Happy Easter day and a Happy Easter season.After the games

Post from Wife: Holy Saturday

Easter clothes all laid outIt is Holy Saturday night and there is so much preparation for a joyful celebration of Easter. In an attempt to sleep in as long as possible I lay out my six children’s church outfits for the 7:30 Mass in the morning… Yes, the 7:30. Because we live about a half hour from the rest of civilization, we cannot leave later than 6:45 for that Mass. If I plan it right, I can try to sleep in until 6am and make it to Mass on time. But tonight, in addition to the usual plan of action for the morning, I have six Easter baskets to fill with treats and hide for our morning scavenger hunt.  I wonder if the kids will be able to contain themselves until after Mass…  or rather if my Beloved will be able to contain himself until after Mass. There is a high probability that the hunt for their treat filled baskets will happen before any of us are ready to go in the morning.

Even though we have a later start to our sleep tonight, I will most likely be awakened by either an excited child or an excited husband for a bleary eyed search for the Easter baskets.  But the joys of such a high Feast Day never seem to outweigh the need for sleep. So I bid you good night and a Happy Holy Saturday.Easter baskets

Easter 2012

5:30 am Easter morning, I am rudely awaken by Wife performing the duties of house cleaning. To be honest I was puzzled. Easter =Holiday. Holiday= special day. Special day = Sunday. Sunday = rest. Rest = house cleaning????

I found Wife hard at work with several children, the oldest three. The funny thing was that in order for Wife to relax she wanted, requested, needed, required a clean house. I do not understand it, the place was clean when we went to bed, and nothing changed in the night.

Well, when Wife was satisfied, only then did we realize that the Easter Bunny neglected to hide the children’s Easter Baskets. So the kids were sent to clean their rooms and I was sent to help the Bunny hide the candy baskets. Of course once the cleaning was started it could not be stopped. So I drank my coffee in my old green recliner while the children performed their expected duties.

Wife would not let the children hunt for their baskets until all the bedrooms were clean. However, that did not stop the children from secretly looking. I know because different kids would come up to me, one at a time, and never twice, pointing the baskets out to me. I heard, “Daddy, I found a Easter basset.” or, “Looky, see the baskit the Easta Wabbit bot?” or, “Daddy, I found candy.”  and even a slap, slap, slap on the knee and point, point, point, by the two-year old.

At last the rooms were clean and Wife could breathe easier. While she settled into her version of rest, the kids made quick work of the Easter Basket Hunt. In the blink of an eye all the baskets were found, well except #5’s. How was I to know that that one was his basket, I just happened to hide that one the best. It took reliable #1 to find it. In my defense, Wife did not label any of the baskets so how was I to know? The kids had to bring their baskets to their Momma to see if it were theirs or not. But they all got theirs in the end and a tornado of chocolate and giggles ensued. The first sugar rush of the day. To be clear, this all happened before 7:30 in the morning.