Daddy so Stwong

Nothing spells rest on a long weekend like yard work; and I do mean nothing. I’m sure many of you reading this do the same thing; look forward to the extended holiday for rest… and spend most of it working harder than you normally would at the workplace. No exceptions here. I spent the last couple of days clearing the front yard for some large projects we are planning on.

One of the tasks I set before myself (something I do all too often) was to move a metal shed from one corner of the yard to another. Despite how heavy that sounds, with four brothers and my dad it moved quite easily. The only real danger was getting tripped by a child.

After the shed was set back down the kids swarmed around it as if they had never seen it before. I found myself encumbered by #3 clinging to my leg with admiration in her big blue eyes. “Daddy, you so stwong,” she lisped, as I tried to kick her off.

I didn’t think of what she said then, but for some reason I did later. It’s easy to dismiss children, especially when I have more work to accomplish and all she did was state the simple truth. I am strong. I could lift with one arm more than all my children combined could. But, it is the simple truth that made her statement endearing.

Little #3 acknowledged and admired my strength for no other reason than to make sure I knew it. In short, to show her love for me in the most honest way she knew how. As a father, I could not think of anything I would want from my children more than that.

She made me stop and think; that’s all Our Father in Heaven wants from us. We need to cling to His leg and announce to the world how good He is. Not that God does not know how great He is, I think He just wants His children to say it and rely on His strength.

Taking a leaf out of my little girl’s book, I turned my eyes skyward and said, “Father, you are so stwong, tanks.”