From the Archives: A Wife’s Story

So I thought I would pop in and reminisce about the time I got REALLY frustrated after a long shopping day with all the kids. It is good to look back and remember to be patient with people you seem condescending about our choice of life…. After all they have not a clue the joy and beauty we have in our children.

Here is John’s post.

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From the Archives: The Living Jungle-Gym

My dear readers,

I am excited to announce a couple of projects I am working on.

First, I am writing and collaborating a second children’s book on angels. I hope to have it finished and available by the end of the year.

Second, I have been writing a full novel for some time now, and I am finally close to finishing it. I hope to have it done early next year.

I bring this up now because I have a limited amount of time to write in, and I need to focus writing for the next two months on these books. I will still post articles when I can, but for the time being, you will see more articles pulled up from my archives.

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The Ninth of Nine

Some children resent waking up to the early sun. #9 did not. He laid in bed, cooing and babbling to Wife until she woke. A little attention and a morning snack was all he wanted. Curled up in her arms, he was as content as a rabbit living in a garden. But then, Wife got out of bed to dress for the day. Did I say he only wanted a little attention? My mistake… I meant he wanted ALL the attention.

An early morning riser.

An early morning riser.

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Wife Got the Flu – Life as a Single Father

I had a busy week. Between work and other obligations, time simply slipped by like sand through my fingers. I was unable to write a post during the week, but I had planned ahead. Sunday afternoon had time set aside to write. I had no doubt I would have a post ready by nightfall, with all the wit my readers have come to expect. But then, the unthinkable happened… Wife came down with the the flu Continue reading

The Wonder of Daddy’s Desk

I walked to my office, followed by my deathly, silent child. As I sat at my desk and switched on the computer, #8 settled at my elbow. The quiet of the morning was shattered; not with the rising sun, but with the exuberance of the nearly two year-old. The wonder of daddy’s desk! desk Continue reading

An Early Morning Visitor

In the early morning, before the sun peeked over the valley, I dressed quietly by the dim light of a small lamp. While I dug into a drawer for a clean shirt, the bedroom door rattled. That of itself was not abnormal. Our house is an odd combination of home improvements and old construction. A creaking section of floor or a settling door is expected. But then the door rattled again. I saw the doorknob jiggle.And the joor rattled

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Winos, Squirrels, and Tigers… Oh My

Last week, I asked our girls a question that I could write a post about for Fathers’ Day. We had mixed results. Once it was complete, Wife read through the finished work. When she was done reading, she looked up at me and said, “Is that all you got from them?”

Well… yeah that was all I got. Apparently, my skills of interrogation were lacking. Wife then showed me just how it was done… properly.

The interrogation begins.

The interrogation begins.

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To Know Peace

One of the desires Wife and I have for our children is for them to know peace. The greatest peace they could know is peace with our Lord. And that means a good relationship with Him. So, with lots and lots of prayer, Wife and I have pushed our children in that direction. Therefore, to confession we all go!

To Confession We All Go!!

To Confession We All Go!!

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Why Our Girls Need Princess Stories

Over the last few years, I have read a lot about how princess movies and books are destroying our girls. Those stories give our daughters false expectations, and false hopes, so say the anti-princess crowd. I looked at my daughters, peering for the damage that must surely be there. Their diet of Disney films and fairy tales must certainly have taken a toll. Well, maybe not. After all, that was never the point of princess stories.little princesses Continue reading