From the Archives: We Think We Heard a SNAKE

With summer quickly approaching a close, the heat shows no sign of abating. And now, September is sure to be as hot as August. With the weather so warm, our reptile population has been out in force. Lizards and snakes have made themselves quite at home in our back-country.

They reminded me of this little adventure I had with the children a couple of years ago.

We Think We Heard a SNAKE!
While the children played outside, I enjoyed some quiet work while Wife was gone at a church engagement. I had the house all to myself, to blog and write without interruption. It was too good to last.

In little time, the five children at play came rushing into the front room like a herd of buffalo. In the lead rushed trusty #1 completely out of breath. The mob erupted into a torrent of explanations. After many minutes of incoherent noise, #1 finally shouted louder than the rest, “We heard a snake!”

“OK,” I said. “Show me where.”

They led the way with #1 at the lead. “It’s over here, under the tin,” she shouted over her shoulder.

I proceeded without any delusions. After all, there are beetles in the brush that make a sound similar to a rattlesnake. They only heard the rattle once. It stood to reason that nothing more dangerous than a red-ant hid beneath the tin. Therefore, I was quite confidant to walk out that Saturday morning in my slippers.

Soon I stood before the old metal shed that had been burned down into a heap, many years ago. The children pointed to the scrap tin and verified that they heard the rattle from underneath.

“OK guys,” I said, “calm down. It was probably just a bug.” I then proceeded to prove my point by boldly marching into the rusted metal. “Looks like the snake left.” Stomp, stomp, stomp. “Nothing here.” Stomp, stomp, stomp. “I think we’re good.” Stomp, stomp, stomp; rattle, rattle, rattle.

All eyes turn with one mind to the spot where the sound came from. Under a sheet of tin, directly in front of me, the muffled sound of a rattlesnake’s rattle sounded clear. And there I was, standing almost on top of it, armed only with my slippers.

“OK everyone, back to the house.” A quick retreat ensued, in which #5 was nearly left to fend for himself. Lucky for him I was taking the rear and simply scooped him up under one arm with him screaming, “NOOOOOO!” the whole way.

Once I got the children out of potential harm, I pulled on my boots and armed myself with a shovel, the rattlesnake’s nemesis. I went back to the old shed with all the confidence of Wyatt Earp at the O.K. Corral. And like the famous gun fight, the villains lay dead and I stood triumphant. Returning with a headless snake, I decided it was time for the children’s science lesson.

Practical science I call it. I skinned and gutted the reptile while twelve little eyes looked on with intense interest. We examined the skin, and I explained how I was going to preserve it. We examined the rattles, and the top three girls argued over who would get them. We examined the intestines, and saw that the rattler’s last meal was a kangaroo rat. Then to top off the children’s experience, I fried up the rattlesnake and we ate it for lunch.

I do believe that I make a very good teacher.


Short Stuff, Big Problems

I can easily state that any summer afternoon I walk out the front door, I will find two or three of our children busily at play. They might ride their bikes. They may have set up house in their fort. Or some combination of tag and obstacle course. What we do not see most afternoons is #7 and #8 pushing the pink scooter over the side of the hill.

Play in their fort

Play in their fort

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From the Archives: A Wife’s Story

So I thought I would pop in and reminisce about the time I got REALLY frustrated after a long shopping day with all the kids. It is good to look back and remember to be patient with people you seem condescending about our choice of life…. After all they have not a clue the joy and beauty we have in our children.

Here is John’s post.

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From the Archives: The Living Jungle-Gym

My dear readers,

I am excited to announce a couple of projects I am working on.

First, I am writing and collaborating a second children’s book on angels. I hope to have it finished and available by the end of the year.

Second, I have been writing a full novel for some time now, and I am finally close to finishing it. I hope to have it done early next year.

I bring this up now because I have a limited amount of time to write in, and I need to focus writing for the next two months on these books. I will still post articles when I can, but for the time being, you will see more articles pulled up from my archives.

So, for those of you who have been reading from my humble beginning, here is a nice nod to the past. And for those who have only just joined my readership, here is my first post, one you may have missed. Continue reading

The Ninth of Nine

Some children resent waking up to the early sun. #9 did not. He laid in bed, cooing and babbling to Wife until she woke. A little attention and a morning snack was all he wanted. Curled up in her arms, he was as content as a rabbit living in a garden. But then, Wife got out of bed to dress for the day. Did I say he only wanted a little attention? My mistake… I meant he wanted ALL the attention.

An early morning riser.

An early morning riser.

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Wife Got the Flu – Life as a Single Father

I had a busy week. Between work and other obligations, time simply slipped by like sand through my fingers. I was unable to write a post during the week, but I had planned ahead. Sunday afternoon had time set aside to write. I had no doubt I would have a post ready by nightfall, with all the wit my readers have come to expect. But then, the unthinkable happened… Wife came down with the the flu Continue reading

The Wonder of Daddy’s Desk

I walked to my office, followed by my deathly, silent child. As I sat at my desk and switched on the computer, #8 settled at my elbow. The quiet of the morning was shattered; not with the rising sun, but with the exuberance of the nearly two year-old. The wonder of daddy’s desk! desk Continue reading

An Early Morning Visitor

In the early morning, before the sun peeked over the valley, I dressed quietly by the dim light of a small lamp. While I dug into a drawer for a clean shirt, the bedroom door rattled. That of itself was not abnormal. Our house is an odd combination of home improvements and old construction. A creaking section of floor or a settling door is expected. But then the door rattled again. I saw the doorknob jiggle.And the joor rattled

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Winos, Squirrels, and Tigers… Oh My

Last week, I asked our girls a question that I could write a post about for Fathers’ Day. We had mixed results. Once it was complete, Wife read through the finished work. When she was done reading, she looked up at me and said, “Is that all you got from them?”

Well… yeah that was all I got. Apparently, my skills of interrogation were lacking. Wife then showed me just how it was done… properly.

The interrogation begins.

The interrogation begins.

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