Feeding an Army

Tea Party at Grandma'sIt has been said that when Wife cooks dinner for our family it must be like cooking for an army. Well, that’s not quite true. The children are still quite young and their portions are limited, as well as their attention spans.

Wife also does not cater to special wants. Though, most of the children have not yet figured that out. They still persist in complaining about the food before them, which is a dangerous prospect. Complaining about their meal could give them no meal at all. Wife hands out portions to each child according to what she judges the child will eat. Second helpings are allowed, but Lord help whatever child does not finish their seconds, it might have been better to have complained about the food.downloaded  June11-2013 1732

Table manners, or discipline, are at times to be wanted. The other day #6, covered in barbeque sauce, leapt off the bench, for no apparent reason, and ran for all he was worth into a pile of clean laundry across the room. Wife and I were the only ones to notice. All the other children were engrossed in their own conversations of doings. #4 was pointing out the stake and corn on her plate to #3 saying, “See, we’re eating corn beef.”

When the children grow bigger (especially the boys) Wife will indeed be feeding an army. Hopefully a discipline like the military will also come with age. But until then, it is more like feeding a band of guerrilla fighters. They’re always willing to complain, always ready to flee, and more than capable of leaving a disaster wherever they go.

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  1. “We’re eating corn beef!” haha! That’s priceless! Table manners (or the lack thereof) have been the topic of discussion the last few dinners and I always joke that if my kids don’t develop some, they’ll never be invited to the White House. My youngest said “you mean to one of the steak dinners?” 😉

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