Reality and Children?

It never ceases to amaze me just how differently children see the world. As if our eyes evolve over the ten or so years into something close to reality. Either what they see doesn’t exist, or what you want them to see, they can’t; as though we see in color while they see in ultraviolet.

We can be looking at the exact same cage at the zoo and my little ones just can’t find the gorillas, but they see the blue jay up in the tree or they freak-out at the spider in the bars. Any parent knows what I’m writing about, or if not you will in good time.BIG SPIDER

Here’s another, #2 just got a puppy, and the puppy and his poop are her responsibility. Now when I found puppy poop in the front room I gently informed her to “CLEAN IT UP!!!!” Then for some reason the flustered child was unable to locate said poop. After what seemed to me a reasonable time of pointing it out, I nearly had to put her nose in it.

And it’s the same when they clean their rooms. “Mommy, it’s clean!”

Wife doesn’t even have to poke her head in. “No it’s not! Look, there’re toys there and there, and what about all the dirty laundry? Do you see it?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

At times like that I even wonder if we are speaking the same language.

However, I do see something in their eyes that makes me remember magic. When I’m holding the baby and he is looking into empty space with amazement and wonder written all over his face and my mother says, “Oh, he’s looking at the angels.” I speculate if he really is.

When the #4 is tracing out with her eyes the lines in rocks, I am curious if she can see something in the granite that eludes me.

When I see all the children huddled up on a bolder watching the same sunset they have seen all their lives, I wonder what I am missing.

Too often I think we adults are sucked into “reality” and loose out on the beautiful world God gave us. I find my mind crowded with taxes, phone bills, credit card bills, and grocery bills. I get so caught up in the rat-race I almost forget the green leaves, the blue skies, and deep waters. But God has blessed me, for always before my eyes are the ever present smiles of my children, and in my ears is their never ending laughter.

We all seem to loose reality now again. Sometimes me, and sometime my children.puppy food

14 thoughts on “Reality and Children?

  1. Kids definitely see the world differently than we do. I think it is one of the reasons I wanted to be a mother. I want to experience all things for the first time again through my kids. I get to do that somewhat as a teacher, but not like I do as a mother. I also think that through their eyes I found my “voice” as a photographer, I take more time to look at things and capture the everyday stuff in different ways. This was a really nice piece.

  2. Thank you for this. I was just this morning lamenting my son’s inability to take note of something that seemed so apparent to me. Perhaps he was just focusing on something amazing that I have grown out of noticing. I appreciate the shift in perspective.

  3. we all see the world differently and find our own beauty to focus on. the kids are fascinated by a bug in the grass and we’re fascinated watching their fascination with the bug. we all just have to remember to keep looking for it.

  4. I came back and read this again as I was trying to think up an intelligent comment but hey you covered it…It was a great read and so true!

  5. Sometimes I wish I could go back and see things the way I did as a child. Everything was bigger, bolder and brighter. You are right, taxes and credit card bills definitely change our perspectives!

  6. I love how different their perspectives are Sometimes I forget to listen to my kids to get those perspectives. This was good reminder for me to listen!

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