Walking on Four Legs

What walks on four legs, then walks on two legs, and finally walks on three legs?

The answer, as everyone well knows, is a man.

I open with this whimsical riddle because my children find the transition between legs very frustrating. We can always tell when a child is about to crawl due to its disagreeable temper. And again, right before the child starts to walk (or run, in some cases).Crawling Away

#7 is going through the change right now. Though he crawls all over the place like a weasel, his pent up frustration bursts forth when he finds himself left behind by his siblings. You see, he understands just how the world rotates… around him. But he also seems to understand that he can’t keep up with the world and its rotations. Thus his outrage is made known.

From a more practical standpoint, the next step our little boy will take will be… a step. But until then, he is still asserting his authority of gravity. By that I mean he demands to be held by his mother or sisters at any opportunity to prove without a doubt that gravity has no hold on him. We haven’t yet told him, but when the new baby comes gravity will in turn begin to assert itself.Just Can't Walk

They have all been like that, fussy until they can crawl, and fussy until they can walk. After they can walk, they find less important things to fuss over. Possessing the slew of children that we do, we have a good idea of what to expect.

On a side note, #7 is quite nearly crab-walking against the couch. He can at least work his way into arms reach of his mother. For all you young parents out there, do not leave your baby to crab-walk on top of the couch, as it ends the baby often does not.

11 thoughts on “Walking on Four Legs

  1. The way you began this post was very interesting. And you very nicely described how #7 is learning to walk on 4s considering he still has some disputes with the gravity concept. 🙂

  2. This may be weird, but I understand the fussiness right before walking, right before crawling – the frustration of being unable to do what you most want…

  3. Being number seven myself I have a special fondness for #7…I will be routing as he conquers gravity and other natural obstacles.

  4. The last line made me giggle. I remember the frustrations of my son right before he’d hit milestones. He had so much anger at his own inability to do things and then when he succeeded the pure joy was beautiful to watch. Seeing it 7 times sounds wonderful.

  5. I know the fussiness before milestones well. My 2 year old hates it when he can’t say what he wants to say. Love the family photo! Especially the fact that the baby is turned around looking at the camera.

  6. My hubby is one of 7. I’m sure he’d love for us to follow suit, but right now at three, I’m waiting to see how many I can handle. 🙂 Love this, and totally know what you mean. My first was so frustrated until he could walk, and then ran the first week he walked. But was SO MUCH HAPPIER. Sometimes those thresholds are just hard.

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