Easter 2012

5:30 am Easter morning, I am rudely awaken by Wife performing the duties of house cleaning. To be honest I was puzzled. Easter =Holiday. Holiday= special day. Special day = Sunday. Sunday = rest. Rest = house cleaning????

I found Wife hard at work with several children, the oldest three. The funny thing was that in order for Wife to relax she wanted, requested, needed, required a clean house. I do not understand it, the place was clean when we went to bed, and nothing changed in the night.

Well, when Wife was satisfied, only then did we realize that the Easter Bunny neglected to hide the children’s Easter Baskets. So the kids were sent to clean their rooms and I was sent to help the Bunny hide the candy baskets. Of course once the cleaning was started it could not be stopped. So I drank my coffee in my old green recliner while the children performed their expected duties.

Wife would not let the children hunt for their baskets until all the bedrooms were clean. However, that did not stop the children from secretly looking. I know because different kids would come up to me, one at a time, and never twice, pointing the baskets out to me. I heard, “Daddy, I found a Easter basset.” or, “Looky, see the baskit the Easta Wabbit bot?” or, “Daddy, I found candy.”  and even a slap, slap, slap on the knee and point, point, point, by the two-year old.

At last the rooms were clean and Wife could breathe easier. While she settled into her version of rest, the kids made quick work of the Easter Basket Hunt. In the blink of an eye all the baskets were found, well except #5’s. How was I to know that that one was his basket, I just happened to hide that one the best. It took reliable #1 to find it. In my defense, Wife did not label any of the baskets so how was I to know? The kids had to bring their baskets to their Momma to see if it were theirs or not. But they all got theirs in the end and a tornado of chocolate and giggles ensued. The first sugar rush of the day. To be clear, this all happened before 7:30 in the morning.

2 thoughts on “Easter 2012

  1. HAHAHA!!! Your wife is a funny one! I totally sympathise with her so thought insanity though. Somhow Sundays’ end up being my cleaning days too because in a wifes book rest= clean house. This post jsut makes me laugh as I imagine all the little #1-5’s on Easter morning. Praise God for children!

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