Seatbelt Evasions


Don’t be fooled. This is what happens after twenty minutes of driving. Works evey time.

The Children were sent out to buckle themselves into the van while Wife and I gather a couple of things before we left for Mass. When I walked by the window I heard what could only be described as an absolute mess of sound radiating from the vehicle. Girls screaming at girls, girls screaming at boys, boys screaming back at girls, and the baby screaming at everybody. For a second I thought about going out to settle the situation, but then I thought better.

I remembered back to when I was young, and I believe we created the same abominable noises. We were always working hard at forcing the buckling responsibilities of the younger kids onto someone else, and evading the same tricks by another. The ordeal usually ended with my mother yelling at us and the oldest kids (of which I was the oldest) buckling up the younger children while the middle kids were forced to take the responsibility for themselves. In short, everybody got yelled car-seat

As I looked out the window I could hear the two older girls engaged in a heated discussion as to who would buckle #5 and #6. Those two boys however where busy with a game of tag, under and over the seats. The baby was in the back seat of the fifteen-seat-van with #3, about as far away from his car-seat as possible. And #4 was performing a perfect jack-in-the-box as she bounced between making faces at #7 and joining in the game of tag which had developed into hide-n-seek.

With the understanding that Wife deals with our children everyday on that point, I ducked back into the house to get my hat. Better to let the expert handle these children.

And just in case you were wandering, we were fifteen minutes early to church.

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