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A very rare and wonderful thing occurred this last Friday in our household… Dad found a babysitter and took Mom on a date. There was a mixture of relief and upset from our children. Relieved that Mom was leaving so they weren’t going to be put to work, upset because they wanted to go too. So I told them, to ease their worry, that Mom and Dad had to keep building our relationship outside of home duties because once our nest is empty we will have to go back to entertaining ourselves. So every now and then Mom and Dad need to be together without so many beautiful distractions. They all seemed to agree that they would survive one evening without us.

It was a Friday in Lent so our restaurant choices were limited, but we enjoyed some fish tacos at Rubio’s. Our beloved babysitter was willing to watch the 7 month old, so we got to watch a movie without worrying about a squawking baby.  It was an evening that I was able to really focus and listen to what my husband wished to talk about, but there is no evening in our lives that is complete without some talk of our children and our plan of raising them. Even while we were dating we always discussed our future children, the ones that would be, God willing. Apparently God was very willing. Now that we are expecting #8, a boy by the way, we still cannot seem to pass the day without at least one conversation concerning our little charges.

I feel rejuvenated and loved by the man I call husband. It really takes a lot of effort to go out for a date. But every now and then, he makes sure that we get our time to focus on and uplift each other. It is one of the many instances that I am reminded why I married him.

Photo Credit to Honey Stetson Photographer

Photo Credit to Honey Stetson Photographer

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