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Before we were married, my husband and I discussed how our children would be educated. We both agreed that homeschool was our first choice. Since we were both homeschooled, it seemed the obvious choice. At the time, however, we had no idea that we would hit the ground running and add a new student each year once we started. Next year, all four of our daughters will be schooling together. One of the amazing benefits of homeschooling is that our children help each other out. This way they build relationships with each other and they reinforce their own education.

Just this morning, the second grader and the first grader were reading to each other. This is a small miracle that my first grader volunteered to read on her own. I know that these things may and do happen with public schooled children as well, but our children benefit from our home based and faith based education. Some days I feel like I am behind schedule, but then my beloved reminds me that we own the schedule. It’s ok to school on Saturday and through the Summer even. I know we have been thought to be crazy to not only have ALL these children, but we homeschool on top of that. Don’t I want a break?? No. I truly want my children with me and learning from us.

Our children learn to crawl, walk, share, read, write, add, subtract, and clean at home. They learn together and they are learning well. We are a third generation homeschooling family and we are blessed with the opportunity and means.IMG_20130222_101148

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