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To one, I am Wife; to eight, I am Mother. Every child was on purpose. Each child is an adventure that is unique to them. My life is busy, fast, sleepless, and blessed.  My husband is a creative genius when it comes to, well, everything. I mean come on, we have 7 born and 1 on the way! He writes, he fixes broken cars, he fixes broken spirits, he moves earth, he calms a laboring wife, he shelters and feeds a growing family. Somehow he can do it all and still finds opportunity to build for our future and for the future of our children. Am I happy? Yes. Am I tired? Exhausted. Would I change a thing? No. This is where we are meant to be. This is how we are meant to be. I have days where I think that life cannot get any more hectic, only to be proven wrong in the next hour. But this is the life I have chosen. To follow the Will of my Father in Heaven, and so when I cannot seem to go another step, I lean on my Father and husband and somehow we end up here, many steps ahead.


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I am a twenty-something wife and mother. Those titles define who I am and what I do. As an 18 year old blushing bride, I was unaware just how wonderful my life was about to become. I never experienced a college education, but I don’t feel like I have “missed out.” If I had followed the norm and asked my fiancé to wait a couple years, I believe it would have been for the worse for us. My proudest moments are telling my Beloved that we have been blessed with new life, and when strangers in the grocery store ask me if these children are ALL mine. I love the look on my Kindergarteners’ face when they sound out their first word in their ENITRE life! This is me. I am Wife.

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  1. Crystal you clearly have the most beautiful soul. You see life so clearly and so lovingly with so much gratitude. Most cannot achieve this. I know I try but fall short constantly. I’m so proud that you are my neice and a shining example of goodness to… well… just about everybody!

    • Thank you. I have had so many wonderful examples of beautiful souls to follow and imitate. I am blessed with wonderful family and friends. Love you!

  2. Beautiful. You and John are a testament to following God’s plan and His design. Your writing and blog serve as an example of two people willing to open your hearts to the Lord. And you have both had an amazing, positive attitude through out. I’m truly a better person for having known you. God bless you!

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