A Perfect Child

Here’s an observation I had, take it as you please, or more likely just leave it where you found it. However, it seems to me that many parents are quite obsessed in manufacturing their average 2.06 children to as close to perfection as possible. From braces, to nose and ear jobs, to mole and birth-mark removal, they are not only eliminating the financial means for a medium sized family, but also eliminating the unique qualities of their children.

This was brought to my attention with the onset of our seventh baby. #7 has ears that stick out, almost obnoxiously. Almost every time he was taken to the pediatrician we were told, without our inquiring, that there is nothing that the doctor can do to fix his ears. I was unaware that we wanted to fix his ears. That must have been a frequent request in the doctor’s office for him and his staff to assume we wanted our baby’s ears fixed.Floppy ear

I shrugged my shoulders. #1 has a birth-mark on her arm that looks like a nasty burn. #3 also has floppy ears. While #5 has a horrible incessant whining in his voice. Alright, perhaps the complaint about #5 was unfair, but my point is unless the child’s “defect” is causing them real harm, (an overbite that prevents them eating, or a foot that’s on backwards) why take it away?

I guess I could say that we don’t need a perfect child. If there is something “wrong” with one we might as well say, “Let’s see what the next one looks like.” We have plenty of children to spread out the perfection on.

Now you might be saying to yourself, “Who is he to be making such a bold statement? What does he know?”

I admit it, you may have a point. I stand just under six feet tall. I have naturally straight teeth. I have twenty/twenty vision. And I am told my posture is impeccable. So what do I know? I know the kids will grow into their own, and birth-marks, or floppy-ears, or pigeon-toes will be a part what makes them… themselves. Often the children will even take pride in what makes them so unique.pigeon-toes

To end I would say; if they were good enough for God to make them that way, then they are good enough for me.

And to you who think I am a mean spirited parent, yes I will buy the kid braces if they have a significant overbite.


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