There’s a Goat in the Van

Car-seats, shoes, seatbelts, and left-over-food, all expected to be found within our van, but a goat?

This whole episode started out innocent enough, as they all do, when Wife was having tea at my mother’s house. Yes, my mother serves tea to visitors. That day she entertained my wife as well as one of my aunts, who in walking over to my mother’s was followed by her entourage of small dogs and her goat who thinks she is a dog. And you thought the goat was just a ploy to get you to keep reading.

But before we get to the goat, picture the impromptu tea party. My mom gets out her good teapot and the matching cups complete with saucers. Sugar and honey are put into their separate pots, also a matching set. And the whole scheme is laid out on a lace table cloth. I won’t even try to get into the tea brewing specifics. Last time I did that, I just got yelled at.tea time

Around that round table sat Wife, my mother, my aunt, and a couple of my sisters. They sipped tea in between their exchange of information and bits of family trivia. While in the midst of their visit, #1 came dashing into the room, horror etched on her face.

“There’s a goat in the van!” #1 screamed.

The tea party stilled while the women looked at one another. All the women except my aunt that is, she only hung her head in understanding and then walked out of the house with #1 in the lead. The rest of the women craned their heads out the window to see the goat pleasantly munching trash in between the front seats of the van.

#1 pointed accusingly to the van intruder who was as tall as she was. My aunt then set to work at yanking her goat out. The goat resisted, as she was enjoying whatever the french-fry’s had turned into. It took a little doing, but the goat finally surrendered to her owner and exited the van with a mouth full.

When Wife told me about the adventure that night we had a good laugh at our child’s expense.  I said with a chuckle, “You know, it was good she saw the goat as soon as she did. Otherwise you might have had an unpleasant pile of presents left in the car for you.”

2 thoughts on “There’s a Goat in the Van

  1. Elizabeth’s goats have been doing that for years. Your Uncle Lauren and I had just bought our new van (this was bought 20 years ago) and proudly brought it up to show your grandma and grandpa. Leah (just a little thing then) left the van open and when we brought everyone out to show them our prize, there was Elizabeth’s miniture goat eating our bill of sale. Needless to say, Uncle Lauren flipped.

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