He did it Again!

We’ve visited this before, but considering the circumstances I figured it might not be redundant. However, considering the multiple children growing within my house, duplicate events are bound to pop every up now and again.

Several nights ago, when I stayed up far too late, I ventured out of the silence and relative safety of my bedroom. I had set myself to the long walk through the house turning off every single light bulb that we own. (Mind you, this does not include the bulbs that have been burned out.) I suspect my children fear an invasion of vampires, or perhaps some other night-dwelling miscreant whose only weakness is the incandescent light bulb. While I understand I might be putting their lives in danger by casting the house into the black embrace of night, I am willing to take that risk.

So the lights were turned off one by one, and as I passed darkness followed. Down the hall I went. I poked my head into the first bedroom. #3 and #4 were fast asleep and #4 had stolen all the blankets off of her older sister. I evened out the blankets and flicked off the light.

To the next room, the two little blonde heads of #2 and #1 poke out from under their quilt. At least some of my children have learned to share their blankets. Click and the lights went out.

In the last bedroom #6 was fast asleep in his crib with his bottle dangling off his lip like a cigarette in the classic Humphrey Bogart style. In the bed across the room there was nobody. Huh, #5 was missing again. I flicked off the light switch.

After checking the laundry room for good measure, I looked into all the bedrooms again. When the second search turned up empty I poked my head into my bedroom to get backup, “Wife, do you know where our son is?”

Wife got out of bed and together we searched the bedrooms again. On the second go-through we found the little boy fast asleep under the bed of his sisters #1 and #2.little squirrel

“What the devil,” I said. “What’s he doing under there?”

Upon a closer scrutiny I discovered the reason for his cave-like accommodations. A ring of chocolate circled the little boy’s mouth. The pint-sized thief had gotten into the Christmas candy, and squirreled under the bed to avoid detection.

If it had not been so late, he would have been in a lot of trouble. But as it was, with the entire household sound asleep, a pardon was in order.chocolate thief

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