The Santa Explanation

The Christmas tree is up and Wife has started her Advent long decorating that might end Christmas Eve. The Children have repositioned the Nativity set twice now, and Wife has reset the Nativity set twice now. The stockings have been hung up with uneven spacing and I have been scolded for pointing that out. I suppose she is right however, if it really bothered me I should fix it. Good thing I’m fine the way they are.

Needless to say, we are in the Christmas season. Four Sundays of Advent, Christmas Eve and Day, and the twelve days after until Epiphany, (the day the Three Wise Men showed up) how good it is to celebrate Christmas the Catholic way.

While we anticipate the coming celebration of the birth of Christ, our children have written and rewritten their wish lists. Saint Nick will have a sled full this year. And speaking of Santa Clause, #1 gave me a unique explanation about him last Sunday.

I was searching under a bed for one of the boy’s church shoes. #1 was hovering behind me when she said something that caught me off guard. “Daddy, Santa lives forever because he doesn’t have any children. Is that right?”

I was playing tug-of-war with a spider at the time and responded from beneath the bed with a typical, “I don’t know, we’ll see.”

She did not press the subject any further and I assumed she forgot about it relieving me of correcting a sticky subject that she was able to make weird, I was wrong.

A few days later when Wife was searching for the missing box of Christmas ornaments while #1 was following her around. Among her near constant jabbering she told her mother, “Santa and Mrs. Clause don’t have children because God gave them the gift of immortality. They would be sad if they had to watch their kids get old and die. They would be sad wouldn’t they Mom?”

Stumbled in the search, Wife told the little girl, “Yes, I think they would be.”

Finding herself vindicated, #1 bounced away to join her sisters.

Wife told me later about her explanation and said, “Looks like she thought it through.”

A time will come when she and the other children will learn the truth, but right now it is so much fun to see the Christmas magic in her that I used to know at her age.

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