Halloween 2012

Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins, it must be Halloween again; or at least it was last Wednesday. And our children would not be left out of the seasonal sweets. They were ready for Trick-or-Treats the first week of October. I remember coming home to a throng of children, all clambering over one another to be the first to show me their new costumes.

But Wife would not be out done by her children. I do believe she gets more excited then the they do. If they ever catch up to her speed, Lord help me!

Back to the costumes… I was seated while Wife dressed the kids and sent them in one by one to get my approval. As if I would ever say anything unsavory about the outfits. The children were happy, Wife was excited, that made me cheerful. With as pleased as they all were, Wife could have wrapped up the baby in a brown blanket and declared him to be a meat-ball and I would not have criticized it. Of course Wife has much better taste than that, so I’ll never have to worry.

After the fashion-show it was hard for the children. All the costumes were promptly taken off and place on Wife’s shelf for the next twenty-seven days. This was difficult for some of the girls whose primary distraction is to play dress-up, and their newest outfits were unavailable. But the month flew by faster than they realized. Before they knew it, it was Halloween.

I must confess, I have absolutely no idea what trouble Wife goes through to dress up seven. Yes, she costumes them all, even the baby. I do understand it is better for my health to be nice to her after the ordeal. With that said, we met in town to begin the night’s festivities. What better way to celebrate Halloween than to go to church?

We attended the All Saints Day vigil. A strange sight to see all the children in Mass wearing colorful costumes instead of their usual Sunday best. After we made time for God, we made time for candy.

Our church put on a nice event. The short of it was, anyone who wanted could give out Trick-or-Treats in the church’s parking lot for the local children. For us, whose closest neighbor is a quarter mile away, it made Trick-or-Treats a pleasurable and possible experience. Not only did our children get their share of candy, but I got a share of their candy.

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