Rest in Peace Mr. Collin

We were greeted by sorrowful news this week. Mr. Collin, a teacher at the children’s preschool passed away. The young man of only twenty-one years had taught with three of my girls, and this year had #4 in his class. He was a kind young man who got a great response from the children he taught.

I had gotten a phone call from a very upset Wife soon after Mr. Collin’s death. One of the first things she said to me was, “How am I going to tell the kids?”

To which I answered, “We’ve been here before with Aunt Cyndee’s and your grandmother’s death. Just say some prayers for him with the kids and you’ll know what to say to them.”
After hanging up with me, Wife summoned all the children into the front room with her. They tottered in the early morning light. #6 still had his bottle and #5 was clutching his toys. When Wife started to talk to the girls, the boys left showing no interest. The four girls took the news somberly.

#1 was the only one who asked questions. “Does that mean Mr. Collin is with Jesus?”

“Mr. Collin is now in God’s hands. We are going to pray for him OK. We also need to pray for his mother, she will be very sad,” said Wife.”

“Did she cry?”

“I think so.”

“How did Mr. Collin Die?”

“He went to take a picture of the sunset and sat down, and God decided to take him home.”

“I’m going to miss Mr. Collin.”

“Me too.” And Wife gave everyone a big hug, except #5 and #6 who were getting into something in the laundry room.

From my understanding Wife held devotions several times that Friday, while I held a solitary vigil on the job for Mr. Collin to rest in peace.

The next morning #4 woke up and approached Wife. She asked, “Mom, is Mr. Collin still dead?”

“Yes sweetie, he’s with Jesus now.”

“Oh ya, I forgot.”

I wonder how many other little children will forget that he is with Jesus come Monday.


May Mr. Collin, through the Mercy of God, rest in peace.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, he loved your children. We are going to miss him. He is with Jesus and is having lots of fun. Love you all Mrs Deanna

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