Passing the Torch

Now that #7 has been born, it is time for the torch to be passed on. The name “baby” has been handed down from #6 to #7. And I believe the transition has moved pretty smoothly; after all, we’ve done it five times before. The only real trouble is getting use to #6’s name.

What usually happens is, “#1, bring me the baby… ah I mean… get that one. Just grab him and drag him here. No, put the baby back first.”

But after only a little time I get much better, and his name blends into the existing conglomeration of names. #6 in a sense, becomes another State in my Union, another letter in my alphabet, another penny in my ever-growing jar of coins (I should really take care of that sometime). And just like the States or the alphabet, to get to the last one you gotta start at the beginning.

When I begin to yell at the little man for something he has done, I have to start with the name of our eldest and work my way down. Often, I forget what he has done by the time I reach his name.

On a side note, I have lately noticed the children scatter when I start yelling names. I think their strategy is to be out of hearing range by the time I get to their name. As the eldest of my family, that never occurred to me. Poor #1, she doesn’t have a chance.

While on the other hand, #6 seems to be adapting quite well to the loss of his babyhood. After only two weeks he has stopped trying to poke out the baby’s eyes. And I have caught #6 stalking the baby only once; granted, I am not home during the day (kinda makes me wonder what happens while I’m at work).

Ninja Baby, not so subtle, yet ever so lethal

But when I am home, I always give the little boy (#6) the customary lap sitting time allotted to him for the smooth transition of power. And he will sit quietly while he ponders world domination; OR he will rotate his head three hundred and sixty degrees, leap a foot off my lap from a sitting position, and throw his bottle all over the place. And that hurts if it hits ya.

See how easily the baby power transfers from one child to another? All that is needed is a loving and vigilant set of parents.

Now if you would excuse me, it is my turn to stand watch over the baby (#7).

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