I can’t find our son

Some nights back, when I was sound asleep and Wife was not, I was awakened by her desperate cry, “I can’t find our son!” It seemed she was unable to locate #5 when she was checking on the sleeping children.

I rolled over to face the digital clock, the red digits glowed 11:45. While I sat up in bed I said, “I am sure he just curled up under the bed or a chair or the like. We’ll find him.” I began to search for the child, clad in my underwear.

I staggered down the hall to the boys’ room and stretched in my head. All was quiet and dark, I needed light, light might wake up the boys, I had to risk it.


While holding my breath I peered into the crib. #6 was still soundly asleep. I let out my breath. Then I was able to look under the bed for #5 with confidence. The two year-old was not curled under the bed.

I turned off the light and proceeded to the living room.


The couch was lacking a little boy, as was the vacant space under the table. The dining chairs were as empty as my head was at that late hour. Just to prove it, I also looked under the couch. Needless to say, he was not there either.


While I was stupidly looking under the couch, Wife was darting up and down the hallway looking in every room two or three times. He was not in the older girls’ room, nor was he in the younger girls’ room.

About then I was poking my head into the laundry room just for good measure. I found the dryer was empty. The washing machine on the other hand was full, and the clothes were starting to smell sour. I restarted the wash.


I believe Wife was starting to hyperventilate about then. I somehow found myself in the front yard. I thought to myself, Why in the world would a two year-old be out here?

On making my way through the door I was confronted by wife. “Why did you think he would even be out there?”

All I could do was move past her as fast as I could and go back to the laundry room.


While I was looking under my bed, I don’t know why, it was midnight OK; Wife yelled out, “Found him!”

I rushed into the boys’ room to see her fondly looking down on her little boy in his bed. “Where was he?”

“Oh, he was here under the blankets the whole time.”

In her defence, can you find him?

One thought on “I can’t find our son

  1. To Crystal, If I were in your shoes, I’d be running around frantic if my son was not where I last placed/saw him, so totally understand where your head was at, and to John, that was great, and very well written.. I loved how you were able to restart the washer.. ^_^ I give you big kudos for remaining calm during something like that.. And to answer your question, No, can’t see him at all… ^_^

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