With Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving come and gone, a bit of gratitude is just what the season needs. And we have plenty to be thankful for in our household. Life, family, prosperity, and at the moment we have one aspect that looms before us that we are all so grateful for, modern medicine.

At least Wife, I, and the older children are thankful. The younger children, who all have the unfortunate luck to need medicine, do not seemed so inclined. I should be more understanding. The eye drops to treat Pink Eye does sting, therefore I have also been needed to help Wife give the eye drops. My part in the treatment, holding little children down.

Early last week, the bedtime dose of eye drops had come. I began rounding the children up and sending them to their mother.  When I ran across #9, I told him to go to his mother and then go to bed. He began to bargain.

“Oh, I go to bed!” and he started to dart past me.

“This is not a choice,” I replied, catching him by the collar. “Go to Mom.”

I go to bed!

“No, I go to bed?” And that was coming from the little boy who fought bedtime tooth and nail.

“Not one or the other, son. But both. Go to Mom.”

He got as far as the hall just outside the toy room, and made a hard left. “I going bed!”

He may be quick, but my arms more than allow for a head start. Grabbing him up, I carried a very disillusion little boy to his mother. After the eye drops finally penetrated past his tightly closed lids, he was not so keen to go to bed anymore. Only six more days of antibiotics.

It is almost too bad that the sting and raw feeling of Pink Eye goes away after only a day of medicine. If #9’s eyes were still bothering him, he might be more thankful for his medicine. Oh well, as the doctors have not invented a switch that goes with the eye drops to turn the discomfort on and off, I’m happy to have it. After all, I only need three more days myself.

Here’s to modern medicine, CHEERS!

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