A Potty Mystery

We have had a little mystery in our house lately. Specifically in the front bathroom. The lid on the toilet water tank had been moving. Not when anyone was there to witness. No, it simply would be askew when someone came in. It might shift left or right. And on one occasion, it fell side long into the water tank.

Evidence that something was amiss.

Was the toilet haunted?

As much as I would love to beguile you with tales of potty-possessions, our poltergeist was very much alive, and only very curious.

Wife entered the bathroom to see #8 lifting the water tank lid. “What do you think you’re doing?” she asked.

He flashed her his wide, toothy grin; the one full of his inquisitive nature and crossed with mischievous reluctance; the one that came to his face as quickly as sharks to blood in the water whenever an adult questioned him. “I… ahh…. Wha’s da sound?” he laughed nervously.

Just looking

So, it had been #8 shifting the toilet’s water tank lid. Apparently, the long lasting hiss of the toilet’s water float had called to #8 like a cobra to an Indian snake tamer. After flushing, he sidled alongside and stood on tip toe, sneaking a peek beneath the mysterious lid. He must have felt the excitement of Columbus, Edison, and Armstrong, drawn along by discovery.

In the end, we had two mysteries solved. Wife and I found the Toilet-Water-Tank-Lid-Mover. And #8 got a good look inside at toilet’s water tank, observing how it filled.

Mystery solved

When Wife told me this story, she wondered aloud if #8 might be our engineer. He certainly has the curiosity for that kind of career. He could also fall into one of the sciences of observation and discovery like biology, astronomy, or geography. Or, he may happen to turn his attentions inward to the mind or spirit, following phycology or become a priest. What the future holds for our little boy, God only knows.

And then, I suggested that his interest of how the toilet worked may only suggest that he will grow up become a plumber. A fine occupation, if a little smelly.

Wife is still hoping for engineer.

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