Summer Summary

So, it has been a while. How have you been?

To speak for myself and mine, we have been busy. Predictable, I know. Summer seemed to fly by without consulting me. Here we are, at the start of school again, and autumn quickly descending upon us with the persistence of an overfilling sink. But I have not forgotten you, I have only been ignoring you. But to help make up for my absence, here is a little overview of our summer.

At the end of the school year, Wife got sick. It was very hard to drive the children to their classes when breakfast went to war with her stomach.

Wedding preparations for my sister began.

Baby #11

When summer officially opened, we learned Wife was carrying #11. Well that explained the morning sickness. I should be able to read those symptoms by now.

We took the family to the zoo where we learned that #8 and a gorilla have something in common, their name.

And preparations for my sister’s wedding began in earnest. The first of my siblings to tie the knot, you know.

I was able to take a week of vacation in a vain attempt to get some rest. We saw the pandas, did not drink enough water, and all got sunburned at the beach. It was a blast! Oh yeah, and three of those “vacation days” were devoted to helping with wedding prep.

Near the close of summer, a minor miracle occurred. Wife and received news that we would be able to afford to send our children to a Catholic school. Now understand, a Catholic education for our children has been one of Wife’s greatest desires. I just did not know how strong that desire was until it was possible to attain. To stop an old steam engine at full speed would be easier and less painful than to get between Wife and a Catholic school.

New school, new uniforms

The BIG DAY arrived! My sister’s wedding. It was her day, but that did not stop me from enjoying myself regardless. The children all cleaned up nicely, and Wife was beautiful. A good time was had by all, and that was evident by how messy everyone was at the end of the night. In a microcosm, I’ll show you #9. He started the day with a clean tucked shirt, tie, and suspenders. At the end of the day, he was barefoot. His suspenders were in the diaper bag. Lemonade, ice tea, and guacamole painted his shirt. And we did not find his tie until the next day.

Dancing the night away

Now, the end of summer. The children are excited about their start in the new school. They all made new friends at the Start of School Picnic, which is ample evidence that they take after their mother more than me.

So there you have it. Our summer in a nutshell.

I hope to post regularly again, keeping you informed and entertained by my brood. With a new school and new baby on the way, it is sure to be an extraordinary year… again.

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