Halloween Themes

Halloween had come and passed. Our house was inundated with candy, and the bits of costumes Wife has not yet put away. We have had two bonks on heads with a bow, a good smack with a spear, one nasty headbutt that was fueled by too much candy, and one little boy who could not get the bow off his head. The Halloween celebration has come to a close, but the preparation started weeks ago.a Halloween theme

Some time in September, or was it late August, Wife began to plan her theme. Wife loves themes, and she loves to play dress-up with her children like dolls. At times I think God gave us all these children only because it would have been cruel for all that attention to be focused entirely on one or two children. So, He gave us ten, that way Wife could look upon our children and declare, “I have a matching set!” As everyone knows, a matching set deserves a matching theme.

Back to themes. Last year the children went as Star Wars characters. The year before was Peter Pan. They were Catholic saints one year, and Avatar: The Last Airbender characters another. It should come as no surprise that Wife racked her head to find a suitable theme.

After much discussion, and a lot of ideas that did not work, we landed on characters of ancient Greece. Yay!

a suit of Greek armorThen the work started. Boo!

We had to put together four gowns, four togas, one suit of Greek armor, and a cow. Then the props. I had to make two bows, one spear, one wand, one winged helmet, and a smattering of laurel wreaths.

Our little Io

Our little Io

At this point I suppose you might wonder just who the children went as. Ready? Here we go… #1 was Athena, #2 was Medusa, #3 was Artemis, #4 was Aphrodite, #5 was Poseidon, #6 was Ares, #7 was Apollo, #8 was Hermes, #9 was Dionysus, and #10 was Io (in cow form).

Now take a breath.

This was quite the project. The Ares costume alone took an entire afternoon. And I spent most of a Sunday whittling out the wooden props. At the end of the day, my hands were sore and my knife was dull. I almost wished we only had a couple of children to dress up. It would have been so much easier.

But how could I think such a thing. When our pantheon stood around us, all smiles and ready for trick-or-teats, Wife and I agreed they were worth the effort.

My Hera and our pantheon

My Hera and our pantheon

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