The Wonder of Daddy’s Desk

I walked to my office, followed by my deathly, silent child. As I sat at my desk and switched on the computer, #8 settled at my elbow. The quiet of the morning was shattered; not with the rising sun, but with the exuberance of the nearly two year-old. The wonder of daddy’s desk! desk

He pointed and exclaimed at all the treasures before him. Books with shiny spines and bright colors. An assortment of spare parts from past projects. Small tools scattered amongst stacks of papers and bills. And an array of broken toys placed here and there, patiently waiting for the day when I finally find the time to repair them.

I settled before the keyboard, but found it hard to concentrate as #8 shifted from one elbow to the other and pointed to everything. I felt like I had a miniature freight train running back and forth behind me, as the conductor loudly proclaimed the sites to see.

#8 obediently kept his hands from touching anything, though he would extend a finger Desk messright next to it, testing the very edge of his boundaries. Every two seconds, he announced the next marvel he saw. A flashlight. A man. A toy dragon. A big book. A man. My phone. Big Foot. A man. A bill. A man.

I got the feeling he was hinting that he wanted to play with the man.

I took the one-armed action figure off my desk and handed it to the little boy.

He grabbed the toy with a pudgy hand, and beamed.Playing with a man

I cannot say that it made writing any easier. #8 simply had to keep showing me how he played. He felt the need to break my focus in order to educate me on the finer points of swinging a toy man up and down. He then needed to be taught how to make the man sit on my desk. So I bent the toy’s knees, and sat him at the edge of the desk. Apparently, that was so the toy could be slapped down. Free-falling toys are just so much fun.

When I got up early that morning, I thought the most important work I would accomplish would be at my keyboard. As it turned out, that took second place to the little boy who played next to my keyboard. So we played with my old toys. I showed him how to make the man stand up. I then flicked it with my finger, and sent the toy flying into the air with a spectacular ark. #8 darted away in a new game of fling and fetch, and trotted back with my flicked-off toy.

So much fun.

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