For All The Mothers In My Life

Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day has always seemed to sneak up on me. It’s not that I don’t care, I do… I really, really do. But I do get caught in the quicksand of everyday. Then, without knowing where it came from, BAM… Mother’s day. And there I am, caught flatfooted… again.

Home made cardConsidering the last two months were full with Lent, Easter, one baptism, and First Holy Communion, I should have all the excuses I need. However, forgetting one’s mother seems to have a special place in hell. And I, as bad at math as I am, have only multiplied the mothers in my life. I not only have my mother, but also the mother whom I have made. Together, they make a glorious amount of guilt.

Neither are hard to make happy. In other words, the road to their smiles are broad and easy to walk. But be careful, there are steep cliffs on either side. To neglect my mother is to hurt her feelings and anger Wife. To neglect Wife is to hurt her feelings and anger my mother. And for some reason getting a card just seems so difficult.

So, to the mothers in my life, Happy Mother’s Day… I did not forget you.

To all you other mothers out there, I wish you a happy Mother’s Day as well.

#2 reads a Mother's Day card with #9.

#2 reads a Mother’s Day card with #9.

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