An Apple A Day

Apples are expensive. They are delicious, nutritious, and come in an assortment of colors. Their circular shape makes them perfect to hold and eat idly. They are one of my children’s favorite snacks. But for all that, they are still expensive, and a half eaten apple is a horrible thing to waste.apples and orange peels

Through trial and error, we have discovered, or rather Wife has, that most apples are too big for a child’s stomach, despite what #5 claims. If he wants an apple, he had better share it with his siblings. Waste averted!

When #7 tapped my leg some days ago, he asked, “Can I ha appoe?”

First one...

First one…

I said he could, but he had to go outside and share. Not thirty seconds went by before I was visited by #5, followed by #6, both requesting an apple. I had to tell them, individually, because they couldn’t time their visits together, to go out and share the apple #7 had. Then I had to shoo #8 out, who must have smelled the apple in the afternoon air. Apples always have that affect at my house. They attract children like aluminum cans attract hobos.

And then the other...

And then the other…

To answer your unspoken question (or if you did say it out loud, I did not hear it) no, one apple is plenty for four little boys. If they finished it and were still hungry, then they could have a second, but not a third. The last time I let them have a third, I found half of it hiding between the couch cushions.

So, the little boys darted out the door to chase down #7, who was already on the run. He trotted away, biting off as much apple as his little mouth could hold. Once he was cornered, he had to give the apple up to his older brother. Then #5 turned his back to his brothers and darted off to the other end of the yard, closely followed by all three. After he had taken two or three bites he was caught, and forced to hand it over to #6. He also jogged off, greedily chewing as fast as he could before handing the apple to #8. Now, #8 had absolutely no intention of sharing. He sprinted away screaming, and after a couple of bites he had the apple yanked from of his hands. He then screamed at his brothers until his turn came around again.

And that is usually how apples are eaten at my house. The number of children may go up or down, as well as the number of apples, but apple sharing is a normality. I know some people will slice apples into quarters or eighths, eliminating the waste as well as the sharing, but that will not happen here for two simple reasons. One: Wife is too busy to dirty a knife and cutting board when the children can grab an apple without her help. Two: when I am home, I am too lazy to get out a knife and cutting board when the children can grab an apple without my help.

And then them all!

And then them all!

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