Happy Easter, 2015

Today, on Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Because of Jesus, we are reminded of new life. While we are surrounded by butterflies, saplings, and eggs, I think a baby captures the image of new life better. Well, #9 is alive… and still really new.        The other day Wife commented on how big he had grown. Our three month-old had outgrown the three-month-old clothes, and has to wear six-month-old clothes. He is growing faster than ivy up a brick wall. Soon he will start wrestling with his brothers, much to his mother’s annoyance.Our baby #9

Through the eyes of #9 everything is still new. The novelty of this broken world is fresh and amazing. He has not yet seen the flaws, only the wonders. He has no idea of the pain in our world. He knows only the endless love of his mother, in the same way our Lord did at that age. Before him the horizon stretches on without limit.

It is true that all he seems to do now is eat, sleep, and poop. And when he grows-up he will do all that with an opinion behind it. But because of Christ’s resurrection, he will have the opportunity to start anew when all this expires. He can again have all the joy and wonder of a small child, but then it will be perfected.

We wish you all a very happy Easter and a blessed Easter season.Sunrise

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