Morning People

Early MorningI have been a morning person as long as I can remember. Early activities were right up my alley. Rising at 4:00am on Christmas day, was no problem. Getting up at 5:00am for work, is normal. And many of our children are the same. Often, as I am getting ready to leave the house for work, #2 will get up to keep me company. As summer days grow longer, and the sun rises earlier, my company grows.

Wife, on the other hand, is not a natural morning person. She has been forced into posing as one by our many babies. (You know children, they are just so demanding.) She used to roll out of bed, crawl out of the bedroom to change diapers and feed the children, only to crawl back into her bed and hope to be left alone until the sun rose. Now, because of the help of her big girls, she is reverting back.

#3 tends to follow her mother. When she is woken up early, she truly resents whoever woke her. Some days, I think she resents the sun for rising. I’ve seen her tromp out of her bedroom, eyes barely open against the assaulting sunlight, blonde cascading over her downcast face, and even her nightgown hangs depressingly limp. When I asked her what was wrong, she whined out, “I don’t knooooow…” I can tell, this one will be fun when she is a teenager…Morning People

Now #1, who I thought was a morning person, seems to be taking after her mother more and more as she grows into a young lady. I’ve seen her less and less in the mornings. Maybe she is going through a growth spurt. Or perhaps this will be the natural evolution of my girls, and #2 is just behind the times. Come to think of it, #4 is not a morning person either.

Oh no… am I to have four teenage girls who loath getting up in the morning… at the same time? Let me see… I have three more years before #1 becomes a teen, and six years before #4 becomes a teen… so six years before I get out numbered four to one by teenage girls, who are not morning people. It is time to put together a six-year-plan.

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