Good Providence

Ever since I was young, I have been taught to trust in God’s providence. I should work hard for what I wanted, but have faith that God has an overall plan. About six years ago, I started to wonder about that plan. And what happened six years ago, you ask. Our fourth girl was born.

I’ve always considered myself a manly man. I hunt, make all my own repairs, I work on the car. I even grew a beard that makes many men envious. So naturally, I wanted sons to teach and pass on manly endeavors. I also wanted boys to help take some of the work load off my shoulders. But, after four girls, I had my doubts that they were ever coming.

big-babiesSo, I resigned myself to be content with a family of girls. I loved my girls with all my heart, and would be happy with whatever help they could offer when they were old enough. Until then, I worked alone.

About six years later, Wife gave me a bumper crop of boys. They are still too young to lend me any real help, but the time is coming. Until then, they are their mother’s problem, and what problems they can be. Luckily, we have four older girls.

Six years and five boys later...

Six years and five boys later…

It may have taken me a while, but in the end I saw the wisdom of God’s plan. By giving us the four girls first, we have built in mess-controllers instead of mess-makers, baby-carriers instead of big-babies. While Wife runs our household like an admiral at sea, our four girls are her captains and lieutenants. With those girls under her command, the household is kept running as well as a Man-Of-War.

I guess God does know what He was doing. Wife and I trusted Him, and He delivered more… much more than we had hoped for, and in a much better way than we could have

Baby holder

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