One of Those Days

With so many moving parts in our family, it’s common for one piece or another to be out of sequence. In other words, they don’t always march to the same beat. Most often, only one or two are out of orbit at a time, and only once in a while does the entire thing spring apart like a dropped clock.

And so it began.

And so it began.

Wife had one of those days not long ago. She was already in a state of worry, sure that she would fall behind with the children’s school, because #9, as a newborn, was demanding much of her time. Then, an internal switch was remotely triggered within the children. As a result, everything exploded at once!

No seriously, the first thing to happen was that the toilet backed-up… and it was FULL. Not only did Wife have to de-flood the bathroom, she then had to bathe the two little boys who had been stomping around in it. All the while, #9 was insisting on his mama time. Apparently his eldest sister wasn’t good enough.

The next problem placed before Wife was a couple of bumped heads with some hurt feelings. Then #7 broke a plate while helping to unload the dishwasher. (It had to be a clean plate.) Then the dishwasher did not get started. With Wife occupied in the bathroom, #1 was holding #9, and the other children had no particular jobs to do. The living room became a mess. Someone dumped breakfast cereal under the table. Another spread crayons across the carpet. While two others industriously threw all the cushions off of both couches.  And to top it all off, when Wife returned to the once clean room, no one was listening to her.

In short, it was one of those days when one parent was not enough. If only we could be in two places at once, provided the children could not do the same. Then they could be handled so much easier. Wife could feed the baby and cook dinner. She could wash the young boys and clean house. I could go to work and help at home. I could write and watch the children outside. The options to make our lives easier, are endless.

To bad, huh? You see, I have every confidence that Wife would do exactly as I described above. But I’m afraid if I were blessed with such a gift, I would end up watching TV with myself.Watching TV

2 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. Now I remember why parenting is for the young! Then again I was often gone on deployment. I hope GG does not see this post. I’m going to be in trouble as memories come flooding back. Pun intended.

  2. John, Some how by the GRACE of GOD, when the grow up you forget all that. IF you do happen to recall any of it, you are smiling. And guess what? You wish you could be there again.You will survive!!!LOL Love ,Aunt Jan

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