The Importance of Priority

#3 rushed into the house, out of breath, and demanded my attention with the announcement that #7 was, “BLEEDING!” She had me. I was standing up as she continued, “Oh yeah, and there is a dog here, and I don’t know who it is… but it’s not our dog, and…”

“Wait!” I interrupted, “which one is more important?”

“Oh yeah,” she said, and to her credit, she didn’t have to think about it twice. “I’ll get my brother.” And she darted out.

Whose dog was that anyway?

Whose dog was that anyway?

Lesson learned, I thought, pleased at the success. Now #3 knows that a bleeding #7 is more important than a stray dog. Next, enlighten her with the knowledge that all her siblings are more important than all the dogs, stray or otherwise. You see, the children, my children, no all children have the fatal inability to prioritize. Like everything else with them, it must be taught… multiple times.

Wife has done an excellent job with the little ones in that respect, especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Yes, these children place vegetables in a higher priority than gummy-bears. I know, I didn’t believe it either, until my sisters told me so. They took the older ones to an amusement park and to their shock, and mine too, the bag of carrots vanished well before the gummy-bears were even thinking about leaving. Prioritization at its finest.

If only the children were that good with all aspects of their little lives, however when it comes to cleaning up their rooms… they take after me. Only a few days seem to pass at a time before Wife looses it and sends the whole bunch running into their rooms to clean it up before Wife does it for them. Don’t be fooled that she is doing them a favor. Her idea of cleaning their rooms is throwing most of it away. So they do clean. However when #4 realized what a mess they made, she let out a very loud curse, “Oh, MUFFINS!”

The children are learning, slowly, but they are picking it up. And in case you were wondering about my priorities, be at ease, #7 only suffered a scraped knee. He’s just fine. As a father, prioritizing is a necessity. A father without the ability to prioritize is a bachelor.

A scraped knee won't stop him.

A scraped knee won’t stop him.

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