Bottles and Books

The other night we came to a conclusion, it is time to wean the two year old off his bottle. When a child gets old enough to demand, not ask, but demand a certain color of bottle, it is time for him to grow up.

The evening was like many others. After a prolonged dinner, the children were sent to prepare for bed. Why do small children insist on dragging out their meals? Often, even with the threat or withholding their desert they still will wait for the very last moment before scarfing down their spaghetti. And there is always one or two who still do not finish their meal, #4 and #5 where the culprits that night.

When asked if she were done, #4 would just look up at you with her big hazel eyes, mouth slightly open for a question. You could see the pleading in her face, saying without words, “Please, let me eat dessert even though I have no intention of finishing my food.”

#5 was more obstinate. When confronted his brow would furrow, nearly obstructing his clear blue eyes. With a little spaghetti in his blonde hair, how it got there is beyond me, he would simply scowl and shake his head. That is his usual response to anything he does not want to deal with. One can see how the evening progressed.

With many tears and a reassurance from Daddy that tomorrow is a new day to try again for ice cream, the two devastated children were sent to bed. The other three were happily munching on their treat as Momma began to fall asleep on the couch with the contented #6. He snuggled in his footies with his bottle.

Then it is off to their rooms to finish the nighttime ceremonies of dressing for bed, picking up their toys so that Wife could walk to their bed and kiss them without the hazardous land mines, and then say the same set of prayers in three different bedrooms.

If we plan it right, Wife and I sometimes manage to split the difference and meet in the middle. And when they go to bed early enough we read a story to them. Someday we should get into the habit of reading to them on a daily basis rather then the seemingly some-times one. Of course by then they will most likely be reading to us and we will no longer have to worry about it.

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