#8 Blames the World

Early one morning, just before the sun peeked its face over the horizon, #8 pushed open our bedroom door. He sidled up to the bed, staring at his sleeping mother and began to say very softly, “Mom… Mom… Mom… Mom…” until she woke up.

Why you wake me up?

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Band-Aids Fix Everything

When the early winter flu swept through our home, it hit everyone. Thankfully, the household mostly fell ill in twos and threes. Otherwise, I suppose if we all got sick at once, you would have read about it in the obituaries. As it was, we were simply a pitiful sight of sore throats, runny noses, and headaches.

When #8 came down with it, he toddled over to my knee and touched his throat with one finger. “It horwts,” he complained.

“Does it hurt here?” I asked lightly touching his throat.

“Yeaaaah…” #8 whined. “I neeeeed Band-Aid”

Oh yes. Have you forgotten how Band-Aids fix everything at a certain age? Stubbed toes. Cut fingers. Bumped heads. Bee stings. Bruises.

No. To tell the truth, I do not remember either. But, I remember it with siblings. And now, I cannot get away from it. For the last eleven years, I have had children at that age. Whether they need it or not, they want a Band-Aid.

I knew a Band-Aid would not help #8, and told him so. He responded with a, “Noooohohohohoo, I neeeed Band-Aid.”

I realized he was at a point beyond reason, somewhere between laid-up-in-bed and too-stubborn-to-listen. So, I did the next best thing. I took him to his mother.

Wife took her little boy in her arms, laughing out loud as I told her #8’s solution to his sore throat. She kissed the top his head and said, “A Band-Aid won’t help you with your throat, silly boy. But come with me. Mom knows how to help you.”

#8 frowned, and I could almost hear him think out loud, “Why can’t Band-Aids help?”

Wife took #8 by the hand, impossible to escape. She led him to her arsenal of vitamins, oils, and all-around-will-make-you-better. The vitamin C went down easily, and #8 asked for a second. The vitamin D, which is a nastily white goo that tastes like chalk mixed with lime, was a challenge for the little boy swallow. But the purple antioxidant powder caused the most trouble, and #8 did his best to refuse it.

“Good boy,” Wife cooed once he finished swallowing. “Now I’ll get you some vinegar and honey to soothe your throat.”

Oh… why can’t Band-Aid fix everything?

Political Negotiations

#9 had grown up enough to realize the effectiveness of speech. Like an effective politician, it took little time before he transferred from screaming and pointing, to pointing and demanding. “I aww… miwk!” Of course like some politicians, his oratory skills still have a long way to go.

Oh... hi

Oh… hi

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A Public Interview

With such a large family, we tend to attract a lot of undesired attention in public. Granted, our flock of children crossing the road will stop traffic like a line of yellow ducklings. But unlike the ducklings, we do not usually get the “oh sooo cute” reaction. I would say the majority of opinions range from flabbergasted, to disapproving.Crossing the street Continue reading

“I Fink I Heawd a Cwocodile”

#6 walked out of his room, each ear cupped by a hand, the way he held them when he was frightened. Tears overflowed down his cheeks. He looked to Wife. “Mom, I fink I heawd a cwocodile or somefing.”

I fink I heawd a cwocodile.

I fink I heawd a cwocodile.

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Post From Wife: Journey

Sadness seems to be encompassing me of late. In part it has to do with the fact that we have difficulties we are struggling with, as do all families. In part it has to do with the atmosphere of the political world. Lawmakers seem to be more and more intent on controlling our lives rather than protecting our freedoms. It makes me wonder what kind of world I will leave my children in, which makes me sorrowful. So I ask you… What do you do to get over this feeling and continue on with your responsibilities?

Difficult Journey

Difficult Journey

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For All The Mothers In My Life

Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day has always seemed to sneak up on me. It’s not that I don’t care, I do… I really, really do. But I do get caught in the quicksand of everyday. Then, without knowing where it came from, BAM… Mother’s day. And there I am, caught flatfooted… again. Continue reading

Babies Holding Babies

There is nothing sweeter than a smiling little infant; giggling and burbling, kicking his legs and swinging his arms, amazed by the limbs he only just discovered. He is like a little star from the heavens, all wrapped up in blankets. Yet, perhaps more touching than that may be a toddler holding his infant brother as excited as a puppy. And also, there is nothing more absolutely terrifying than a toddler holding his infant brother, eyeing him like a new toy. “Please don’t poke the baby.”

#7 holding #9, or in other words, babies holding babies.

#7 holding #9, or in other words, babies holding babies.

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Salt In The Wound

Wife has been close to pulling her hair out for the last few days. She is quite the accomplished little home doctor, but when her patients won’t follow the prescription, well I guess that will drive any doctor insane. So, the two little boys, again, took off their Band-Aids. Continue reading

Weekend Flu

There are certain inevitables when raising so many children. For instance, someone is always hungry. When food is prepared, someone is unhappy about it. When the day is sunny, there is always someone who wants to play inside. And when the flu comes around, no matter what you do, someone is bound to come down with it. Continue reading