From the Archives: A Wife’s Story

No matter how old we become, or how many children we have, there will always be rude people in our way. I know by having a large family we wear a target. You know, the “Hey! We have a lot of under-aged children, and cannot, under any circumstances, resort to the use of bad language if you say anything rude to us,” kind of a target. But it would be nice if people did not see it so often.

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Political Negotiations

#9 had grown up enough to realize the effectiveness of speech. Like an effective politician, it took little time before he transferred from screaming and pointing, to pointing and demanding. “I aww… miwk!” Of course like some politicians, his oratory skills still have a long way to go.

Oh... hi

Oh… hi

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Ever since #10 joined our club, I have had a little trouble with some of our members. Well, really only two, #8 and #9. It is not that they dislike their little sister or resent their mother. It is a problem of space. They cannot occupy the same space at the same time, despite how hard they push each other.



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The time had come for #10 to join the Church’s family. Her baptism was Saturday, and my uncle, who is a priest, performed the Mass and baptized our little girl. The celebration at my grandparent’s ranch followed. Wife had the whole thing planned out, appetizers, drinks, buffet, and dessert. This time, she left nothing to chance. But you can never tell just how things will come together. You see… here, just let me show you.baptism Continue reading

A Public Interview

With such a large family, we tend to attract a lot of undesired attention in public. Granted, our flock of children crossing the road will stop traffic like a line of yellow ducklings. But unlike the ducklings, we do not usually get the “oh sooo cute” reaction. I would say the majority of opinions range from flabbergasted, to disapproving.Crossing the street Continue reading

Weekend Work with Little Boys

Working with my little boys fills me with pride. The same kind of pride I feel when a job is done, or when I see American soldiers standing at attention. The pride of something of mine going right. Yet, these boys are as frustrating as containing spilled paint.Under the sink Continue reading

A Little Bit of Artist

Artists are an odd bunch. Yes, I realized that was a blanket statement made by one who is not an artist. Someone on the outside, who does not understand their thoughts or feelings. Well, if you had been sitting there at my table, you might have felt the same. Follow me down the rabbit hole and I will show you.

A drawing of Wife By #1

A drawing of Wife By #1

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